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Mar 6, 2012 10:00pm PST
, michael steele, will join us when our coverage of super tuesday continues in a moment. >> big news tonight, mitt romney the apparent winner the ohio republican primary tonight. he won a close victory over rick santorum in the buckeye state. michael steele is with us from washington, and joan walsh is with us from it is early out there in san francisco. >> yes. >> and there was a comparison to david and goliath, and of course in the biblical war, david won, but tonight david lost, and not as good a story in ohio. >> well, it is not as good a story, but an interesting story. i think it was a terrible night for mitt romney, chris, because we did look at the night looking at a possible night where he could not clinch it obviously, but he could steal some momentum, and he could start to look inevitable if he had a big win in ohio, and took tennessee which people were saying was possible, so for him to walk away with this and to continue the conversation with michael from earlier, when people compare this race to barack obama and compare, and people say, hey, he is putting up
Mar 20, 2012 10:00pm EDT
changed the rules and allocated another delegate to romney after the result. florida, michael steel continues to contend that those rules are not -- that they shouldn't have been winner take all. if he doesn't get to 1144, the way old credential committees and lawrence, i'm giving you flashbacks, but it's going to be chaos. >> in a universe where there is the potential for this kind of shenanigans and delegates, who benefits from that? the team with the best lawyers? the team with the best back room operators? >> certainly the team that has both of those is going to be benefited over the other. but it also is going to come down to who has the motional connection if kament down to it with the delegates at the convention. these candidates will have to get up there and give a speech. it's going to be the speech of their lives. all of the preplanned showbiz aspects of the convention where you're trying to drive a message, trying to connect with the american people, it will be totally out the window. it will be total chaos. and it's anyone's guess what will happen. there is just absolutely no mode
Mar 7, 2012 10:00pm PST
the race? >> seriously, michael steele, what is going on with mitt romney? >> this is the guy, this is who he is. >> and in 2012, we're going to get him out of the white house. >> he won the most states, he won the most delegates. >> you have to give him his due. >> why does mitt romney still look like a big bowl of cold mashed peas? >> you don't need people that will crawl across broken glass to vote for mitt romney. >> the reality will settle in and they'll understand, mitt romney is going to be the nominee. >> if you don't run chris christie, mitt romney will be the nominee and we'll lose. we'll lose. >>> the limbaugh aftershocks continue. president obama's re-election team wants you to never forget what mitt romney did not do when rush limbaugh attacked georgetown law student sandra flora. >> there's an mri for the soul and people learn about you, along the way there are tests. we saw one last week when rush limbaugh engaged in that horrendous outburst against the young woman law student from georgetown. and the republican candidates were asked to comment on it. and romney first re
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7 (some duplicates have been removed)